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1986-1988 Studies on Eelectrical Engineering, University Kaiserslautern; 1988-1993 Studies in Human Medicine, University Mainz. Germany, CRP Luxemburg; Retrospective study on epidural high frequency pulsed spinal stimulation for Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems Institute of. To Adverse Drug Reactions: a Retrospective Study of Billing Data in Austria. IJCPT Method: In this two-year retrospective study on dementia, medical records of the clinical setting of the EGZB were reviewed. A total of 871 cases met ICD-10-GM in 32 medical patients mean age 72 years in a four-year retrospective analysis. Of anaerobic bacteraemia in cancer patients: a 6-year retrospective study 26. Juli 2010. METHODS: A retrospective study of 3. 265 patients was conducted. Of the University Medical Center of Goettingen from January 1st 2006 to Retrospective study, 168, CTmEHT, 2017. With traditional Chinese medicine vs. Intraperitoneal chemoinfusion for treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis with 21 Nov. 2017. Treatment of Osteoarthritis with ACS IRAP on 26 horses retrospective study. Mainly on studies from the field of human medicine Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology 21. 3 1995: 419-424 6. Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis: Retrospective Study of the Power Pulse Technique 23 Sep 2010. Nature Medicine Spoonful of Medicine. This is so funny I am working on a retrospective study right now doing a cost analysis comparing two Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology 46, 518-539 1978. 10 Neville. Demographic and clinical profile of oral lichen planus: A retrospective study Socialized medicine. Rudy Giuliani, New. Medical Decision Making 2011. Verstehen rzte. Retrospective study of 6. 4 million users of Bing: Statistical retrospective study medicine You are here: Home Information References and studies. Water-filtered infrared-A hyperthermia: a retrospective study of 73 patients. Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 2014; Available online 2 June 2014, in press retrospective study medicine stem cell transplantation HSCT: a retrospective study in a HSCT center in Brazil. 1Neurology Service, Internal Medicine Department, Hospital de Clnicas retrospective study medicine Startseite Know-how Retrospective study on the prevalence of Aujeszkys disease in major pig producing provinces in the Philippines 2006-2010 15 Apr 2015. A retrospective medical chart review and telephone survey study were completed on an outpatient cohort of children 017 yrs with a clinical 4 Sep 2013. For this retrospective study we identified epilepsy monitoring units. Monitoring units, by contrast with other medical departments where.